Bevel monuments, or “pillows,” are longstanding favourites. These commonly feature polished top and rough rock sides. A polished top, front and back allows for a family name to be inscribed front and back. (See the variations tab for further details.)

A popular subcategory is the “open book” style.

Bevel monuments are recommended to have a base and foundation.


Dimensions: Typical sizes for standard bevel monuments are 12" deep, with widths of 20, 24, 30 or 36". A 36" wide monument allows for two names on the face.

Thickness: Standard thickness is 6" at the back and 3" in front. A monument designed to hold a family name front and back (both polished) would be 8" at the back and 5" in front.

Open book monuments remember the life of loved ones with the many pages they wrote. Contoured in the shape of an open book propped to a slight angle, this variation is generally 12" deep by 30, 36 or 42" wide. Most readily available in black.

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