Upright monuments constitute the largest style category and add a special presence to the grave. Popular versions include heart shapes and custom monuments. Upright monuments also include the following possibilities:

Polished front & back, serpentine top, polished all 5 sides, serpentine top, oval top, flat top.

Popular upright sizes: 4, 6 and 8" thick, 12–48" wide x 12–48" high.


Double wing: accommodates two; can be joined by granite connectors for vases and other options. Typical sizes: 20x4x14, 24x4x16, 24x6x18, 24x6x22.

Nature Oval: this popular style conveys personality while retaining affordability. Typical sizes: 30x6x20, 36x6x24, 42x6x26.

Teardrop: these unique expressions of loss vary in size and design. Typical sizes: 6 or 8" thick, 24–36" wide, 36–60" high.

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