Office Assistant Position

We are looking for a part time Office Assistant for 2 days per week at the Linden Showroom and Manufacturing Location.

As a manufacturing office assistant, you will be responsible for helping Suncrest Memorial’s Linden Manufacturing location sell, manufacture and deliver high quality, beautifully designed memorials. We strive to deliver above our customer expectations, and we need your help to do this. This will often require decisions to be made regarding the best way to complete administrative tasks and how to provide support in order to deliver outstanding customer service, sales and product delivery.

Starting at $16/hr. Scheduled increases in hourly income based on merit and performance.

1. Support sales associates with data entry, document preparation etc.
i) Complete requested tasks as directed by any sales associate, or as required by customers.
2. Design and Stencil.
i) Become proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Flexisign.
ii) Assist with design, particularly quality control checks for sandblasting.
iii) Cut stencil from approved designs.
iv) Assist with stencil management and installation.
3. Answer Suncrest phones from 9-5 on your work days.
i) Schedule your days with our part time help in Debolt to ensure phones are answered.
ii) Smile when talking to customers, be friendly and care about the people you talk to.
4. Keep track of all receipts and assemble a monthly package for delivery to accounting by the 1st of every month.
5. Ensure Linden showroom is open for business.
i) Co-ordinate your hours with agreed to advertised times.
ii) Arrange sales appointments if possible to accommodate customers outside of regular hours.
6. Update delivery schedule to make sure we meet promises.

If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to
*This position is in Linden, AB. Approximately 1 hour drive from Calgary and Red Deer.