Suncrest Memorials Ltd. Premium Guarantee


1. Suncrest Memorials Ltd. guarantees that the memorial you purchase from us is natural granite. No artificial colouring was used to obtain the polish finish on our granite.

2. Suncrest Memorials Ltd. guarantees that our granite memorials will never lose colour or finish, or crack or chip from exposure to the elements in any season or in any climate and that the lettering and design will remain legible for all-time.

3. Suncrest Memorials Ltd. guarantees to repair or replace free of all expenses to the purchaser of the memorial or their heirs, on request, if any parts of the grave marker should prove defective in any way attributable to the material or workmanship.

4. Suncrest Memorials Ltd. will not install any memorials with concrete foundations, therefore our premium guarantee stated in number 2 applies to foundations as well.

5. Suncrest Memorials Ltd. guarantees that our installations will be completed with trained staff and will showcase the same pride in quality that we take in manufacturing your memorial. We guarantee your memorial to remain level for file years, or we will re-level it at no additional cost.

6. The above guarantee has no deductible and is included at no additional cost with your memorial purchase.

7. This memrial guarantee is made on behalf of Suncrest Memorials Ltd. corporate office in Debolt, AB and extends to all of Suncrest Memorials Ltd. sales outlets, showroom locations and authorized re-sellers in Canada.

* This gurantee does NOT extend to any memorials shipped to or installed outside of the country of Canada.
* This gurantee ONLY covers memorials installed by Suncrest Memorials Ltd.


Per: Wes Schartner, President


September 1, 2015