Flat Monuments

As with all our products, you have a great deal of choice regarding matters of colour and style, as well as size.

Common dimensions (in inches) for flat monuments include: 12×8, 20×12, 24×12, 24×16, 30×20, 36×20, 36×24 and 36×30.

Flat monuments are an excellent choice for budget-conscious sites. As the name suggests, these memorials are flat and can be installed directly in the ground, on a foundation, or with a base/foundation combo.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments constitute the largest style category and add a special presence to the grave. Popular versions include heart shapes and custom monuments. Upright monuments also include the following possibilities:
Polished front & back, serpentine top, polished all 5 sides, serpentine top, oval top, flat top.

Popular upright sizes: 4, 6 and 8″ thick, 12–48″ wide x 12–48″ high.

Double wing: accommodates two; can be joined by granite connectors for vases and other options. Typical sizes: 20x4x14, 24x4x16, 24x6x18, 24x6x22.
Nature Oval: this popular style conveys personality while retaining affordability. Typical sizes: 30x6x20, 36x6x24, 42x6x26.

Teardrop: these unique expressions of loss vary in size and design. Typical sizes: 6 or 8″ thick, 24–36″ wide, 36–60″ high.

Bevel Monuments

Bevel monuments, or “pillows,” are longstanding favourites. These commonly feature polished top and rough rock sides. A polished top, front and back allows for a family name to be inscribed front and back. (See the variations tab for further details.)
A popular subcategory is the “open book” style.

Bevel monuments are recommended to have a base and foundation.

Dimensions: Typical sizes for standard bevel monuments are 12″ deep, with widths of 20, 24, 30 or 36″. A 36″ wide monument allows for two names on the face.

Thickness: Standard thickness is 6″ at the back and 3″ in front. A monument designed to hold a family name front and back (both polished) would be 8″ at the back and 5″ in front.

Open book monuments remember the life of loved ones with the many pages they wrote. Contoured in the shape of an open book propped to a slight angle, this variation is generally 12″ deep by 30, 36 or 42″ wide. Most readily available in black.

Heart Monuments

Heart monuments express love like no other, and make up one of the most popular subcategories of all upright monuments.
Heart monuments are a special way to commemorate couples or families and the love they have shared.

Heart monuments can be single, double (or more, to commemorate multiple generations).
Common single heart sizes: 24×20, 24×22, 24×24, 24×30, 30×26.

Common double heart sizes: 36×24, 36×32, 42×26, 48×28.

Custom Monuments

Custom monuments are available in any imaginable size, shape or style. If you can envision it, we can very likely build it for you.
We can also build steel or stainless steel monuments with CNC equipment, and can carve anything into wood or glass, and into any type of rock including field stone. We enjoy creating beautiful memories and welcome the opportunity to quote your dreams.

The sky is the limit with custom designs. Here are a few interesting options:

  • Field stones or boulders,
  • Unique shapes,
  • Angels carved into uprights,
  • Panda bears, lions or other appropriate creatures.

How It’s Made