Our Granite – Lasting Materials For A Lasting Impression!

Monuments by Suncrest Memorials are made with high quality granite imported from quarries all around the world. Granite comes in a variety of colours and is 100% natural. It is cut from the quarry in large slabs and transported to processing sites, where it is cut to size, shaped and then polished. This produces an outstanding, glossy surface with an everlasting guarantee. Unlike concrete and field stone, granite will not absorb water, freeze and crack.

See the accompanying chart for a few of our currently available colours.

A monument typically is purchased with a base. The base will be the same height as the thickness of the monument. Bases come in a limited number of colours, with Stanstead Gray being the most popular. Options include rough sawn or polished top, and polished lip around the top edge for an added touch of class. If a vase is to be installed, the base can be extended to accommodate.

Granite foundations are normally sold with each monument, but may be omitted in cases where we install in a cemetery with concrete foundations in place. Granite foundations are 24″ deep, and will be sized to your base width. There is usually a 6″ protrusion on each side of the base.

Note: monuments, bases and foundations are always measured width x depth x height.


Granite Colour Samples

Arctic Grey

Canadian Mahogany

India Black

Bahama Blue

Indian Red


Himalayan Rose

Mist Black

Red Multi

Indian Mahogany

Raw Silk

Tan Brown

Indian Aurora

Tropical Green